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Flextronics is Going Social

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Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. YouTube. These platforms have become an ubiquitous part of our collective culture, both socially, and increasingly, professionally.

Flextronics isn’t new to the social world. We’ve long had a presence on these platforms as a way to connect with our customers, investors, suppliers, employees, future employees and others. Recently, though, we embarked on a journey to integrate all our various social properties to better reflect the Flextronics brand and culture.

Starting today, all of our social properties are now functioning as a single ecosystem. From Twitter, to Facebook, to this blog, we’ve made an effort to unify our social presence in hopes of more easily being able to connect and engage with you so that we can continue to adapt and grow our company in a way that creates value, delivers value and enables the achievement of our customers’ objectives.

At the very end of this entry, I’ve listed all the ways you can now engage with Flextronics, and I hope you will check out our new social “identity” and let us know what you think. But first, a bit about this blog.

“The Extra 10” reflects the Flextronics belief that you have to strive to be the best you can be. It is the last 10 percent of extra effort that creates real value and separates the great from the simply good. “The Extra 10” is a reflection of our culture here at Flextronics. We believe that going the extra mile in what we do every day will ultimately result in greater value to our customers, investors and everyone we touch. It’s one of our biggest competitive advantages.

You may be wondering what will be discussed on this blog. Our Flextronics executive bloggers will address all the things we believe matter most to us as a company from our culture, which we see as a competitive advantage, to our healthy, balanced and diversified portfolio. Other future topics will include some of the most talked about and transformative issues in our industry, such as disruptive technology, globalization, supply chain transformation, as well as a host of other issues that are relevant to you as a member of our industry or a stakeholder in our company.

Please engage as we once again strive to lead the industry in this new endeavor.  We want to hear from you through our various social media platforms.  We will often end a blog article with a question that is hopefully thought provoking and encourages a social conversation. Our first question is: in your role, what specific opportunities do you see in our industry over the next 12 months?

Let the conversation begin!  Thank you for being a part of it!

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Flextronics is Going Social
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    Getting Social is very important this is the first time when I heard your companies name but I was completely unaware that you are indirectly responsible for our enjoyment of electronica every day

  2. David Mortaz on September 11, 2013

    Hi Catherine, awesome effort with the blog ! Love to see the different units and their role in New Product Introduction branded to the public. Years ago when we were rolling out the engineering collaboration software we had sold to Flextronics, I was very impressed to discover how much serious engineering goes on at these units and NPI centers.

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